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Wikivideo group on Youtube ! and more.. September 12, 2007

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We’re working for showed on many hosting to wikivideo,here’s on Youtube group name Wikivideo.

Next week,we presented another hosting source on MogulusTV,we’re adding a test TV screen on wikivideo Blogger.( WordPress don’t accept theri embed code for flash) .the way to showing on 10 video-Tv servers are our plan and selected a most better work in the future. Watch from Youtube group-wikivideo : ( same clips on Bliptv.)

EPISODE 1 : Father and Son. 

EPISODE 2.: alive and Nobel concert 2006


Jump on Bliptv ! a life behind the music clips September 10, 2007

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BlipTv was a most notable of video source ,videobloggers there’s a express goodness for wikivideo with brand name on show player,jump on BlipTv from now .

First showing on Bliptv is 5 episode of a Music video serial called ” a life behind the music-Cat Stevens”.

Episode 1.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=376970&dest=-1]
Episode 2.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=377141&dest=-1]

It’s time to Adsense champion blog on Wikivideo Collection. September 8, 2007

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Wikivideo serial clips of “Adsense Blogs Collection”.

Welcome to the world of WikiVideo !

Now we give you a new way innovative promotion to adsense guru blog ,a listing for champion blog,champion site, or any articles as how to and guide to making money at home and on the internet.


I’ve got so much video stuff going on this September 2007 and I want to make you part of it so I and my team have created a new way ‘challenge’ to get you involved. You can also get more thing special on promotion way by our exclusive remix presentation of Wikivideo,let’s spreading the word on Adsense blogs collection”.One of the first Video serial of Champions collective.

If you look like to became an adsense well-know or something same as you rise to fame came overhere.

Thinking about the wikivideo channel on the internet ,now we’re on Youtube,Google,Yahoovids,Bliptv,Kytetv,Mogulus.…. and other video postcast sources ;– wikivideo blogs collection serie clips could be a best way to show your talent works than other or, if, only you showing by yourself.

By watching wikivideo clips,reader could be get a major research for their need and logged to your blogs-sites instantly ,not to searching around many make-money online results.

At last but not of all, you will also earning more money and growing your adsense day by day ,express yourself together with our wikivideo serie clips of “adsense blogs collection”.

Now! at Wikivideo network we give you a new way innovative promotion to every adsense geek,adsense guru blog ,a listing for champion blog,champion site, article guide to making money at home, and on the internet.

Get starting : for reserved a place (FREE) to wikivideo remixer a video presents your adsense-blogs talented. You could be send an email right-now by ‘point’ to this link : WikivideoTeam or you can do it later by ‘right-click’ and copy this link location (mail-to).

If not open your mail-box direct in your browser ,reading and following below :

How to get in wikivideo collection listed ?

  • Check out by mail form here,to get an invitation & a short notice included for your reference before join to wikivideo listed.

    • Give your name ,email,your URL ( option ). description box write something ( your thinking about wikivideo or any idea ) for your request.

  • Invite friends to join wikivideo “Adsense blogs collection” please feel free to add many friends as you want.

Remarks : I’m posting here for top priority. Wikivideo always prioritize those who have MyBlogLog user-name.



A short introduction August 23, 2007

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Welcome to Wikivideo on wordpress blogs.

From now we launch our player for all video ,everyone can chat with administrator :simply click on “Live Chat” button to starting your discussion.

[kyte.tv 10789]